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Other names: 컨트롤 제트
Status: Ongoing
Author: Miti
Artis: Miti
The life you’ve lived until now Was it perfect? Any regrets Mistakes Wrong-doings Have you ever been tormented by memories that you could not erase? What if You had the power To erase those memories One who erases memories One who protect memories It begins... Original Webtoon
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1Chap 1 8.5MB2 years ago
2Chap 2 8.5MB2 years ago
3Chap 3 7.6MB2 years ago
4Chap 4 6.4MB2 years ago
5Chap 5 6.8MB2 years ago
6Chap 6 6.8MB2 years ago
7Chap 7 6MB2 years ago
8Chap 8 6.3MB2 years ago
9Chap 9 6.5MB2 years ago
10Chap 10 6.2MB2 years ago
11Chap 11 5.6MB2 years ago